Wednesday, September 16, 2020

England vs Australia Live Score

England vs Australia Live Score

For the Cricket fans around the world, I am making this post today. Some of my friends asked me how to watch live score for upcoming/live or new Cricket matches and I thought of making it easier for Cricket fans to watch any on-going match's live score as below. Earlier, Australia and England played a series of 3 T20 matches, which was won by England

I would highly recommend you to bookmark this post and whenever there is a new match, you can simply revisit this post and check live scores, for all on-going Cricket matches

England vs Australia Live Score

I am not a big fan of Cricket myself but I have many friends who follow Cricket closely and my father also watch Cricket, whenever he gets a chance to. I was checking the stats about the world's most favorite sport and how many fans follow each sport. Surprisingly, Cricket is the world's 2nd most favorite sport in terms of number of followers. There are more than 2.5 Billion Cricket fans around the world. You must be wondering that if Cricket is the second most favorite game, what's the first one, obviously it's Soccer / Association Football which has more than 3.5 Billion fans across the globe

I always wonder, that in Pakistan, Hockey is the National game but I see more followers of Cricket here. I hope Pakistani Hockey team gets more opportunities to perform worldwide as they are capable of winning for sure.

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