Monday, August 31, 2020

Global Pandemic Covid 19 Update

Global Pandemic Covid 19 Update

It's been a rough time throughout since Corona came. The virus is still spreading. The figure has crossed 25 million confirmed cases in more than 180 countries. The virus took more than 800,000 lives. It has been a disaster for not only who have lost their lives but for their families too. I hope that the latest scientific research will eventually find vaccine soon for this deadly virus . Mean while, we all need to take it seriously and at least take precautions to decrease the spread of Corona. All industries have been affected throughout the globe from this pandemic. Thousands of people of lost their jobs.

Latin America and Asia are the continents that currently have the highest number of daily confirmed cases.

Right now, there are four major countries where Corona positive cases are rising, Argentina, Indonesia, Iraq and Ukraine

Cities in Europe with most cases are Spain, France and Italy respectively.

Where was Corona reported first:

The virus, which results in the respiratory infection Covid-19, was first detected in the city of Wuhan, China, in late 2019. It spreaded fast within the initial months of 2020 and declared a global pandemic by the WHO on 11 March

Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease:

Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease

If you have any of the above symptoms, you need to visit the Doctor as soon as possible

Precautions to decrease Corona spread:

1-Wash your hands with soap four to five times a day, specially after handling currency notes
2-Use mask while exposing yourself/going out
3-Keep Social Distance at least six feet
4-Avoid shaking hands
5-Avoid public gathering

How to spend time: The best way to spend time now-a-days, while most of us are working from home or staying home, we need to indulge in positives activities. For example, you can play an indoor game with your kids/family members. Some of us are now getting plenty of time to watch TV. For me, since Corona started and things started to get slow, I spend most of my free time watching Netflix, not a bad idea, is it?

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