Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday 2018-Significance of the Event

Christians are celebrating Easter on 1st of April, 2018

Easter Sunday is a Sunday like no other!

On one hand we Christians fast during the lent season but on the other hand there is always some planning going on. For the second Mega Event of the year, after the new year day!

Around 2.5 billion Christians around the globe celebrate Easter (Catholics making more than half of this number)

There is no specific way to celebrate Easter, one can choose his own way, provided the way is legitimate.

The sad part is, we celebrate Easter just as we celebrate any other occasion (a non-religious one)

Do we enjoy the food and music or it is the resurrection of Christ that we are enjoying more than the food on the tables and music in the speakers. For many of us the good news at Easter is that friends will be coming, delicious food will be prepared, shopping will be done but the resurrection of Christ is not the actual thing making us happy.

The question is, what does the resurrection of Christ mean to me?

First we need to analyse, how truthful it is to say, that Jesus rose from the dead? Can a person rise from being dead? Of course not, but if you read the Bible carefully, it was Mary Magdalene who attested to the fact that Christ has risen from the dead.

In the Jewish tradition, attestation from a woman was not valid! so if Mary Magdalene was to deceive the world, she would have used a man's name instead of her own.

The church at that time could have removed her name from the passages as converting Jews to Christianity was almost impossible with Mary's attestation in the text but their intention wasn't to deceive but to convey the message of truth.

The question is that whom did Jesus rise for? Well, man's entry into heaven was blocked & a human being who is 100% holy was required to enter heaven with a human body, to unblock human's entry, Easter was the first step towards this.

So no Easter means no entry to heaven for human beings.

This is how significant Easter is!

We must not forget that the body which Jesus carried into heaven to unblock man's entry was given by virgin Mary, the mother of God!

So it is because of Jesus and Mary too that we can enter heaven if we follow the foot steps of Jesus the Lord, Amen!

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